He began his studies on Microsoft and Cisco platform in 1999, then in 2000 began designing telemedicine and teleradiology systems and implementing different types of hybrid computing that were coming on the market. Working for a radiology company and nuclear medicine in the United States he became Services Manager worldwide, working in America and Europe.

It was part of a group of designers of a new type of cameras for nuclear medicine cardiology with the company Mediso in Hungary. Those cameras were brought to US and passed the FDA as the first cardiology system applicable to the american market. Not only it was introducing this technology but also design systems to provide remote access and cloud.

For services teams, he leaded a group as a designer in a mixture to public clinics which integrated PACS / RIS, health systems and hospital systems in a hybrid with local dedicated servers and cloud. Today that same model is still used in the State of Florida, which includes more than 19.3 million inhabitants.

In 2008 he developed the ideas that exist within the Medsis platform today. For the past five years, together with MDM Systems, they have improved its technology to bring to the public market. This technology is in more than 1,300 sites worldwide, coupled with our technology partners. What Medsis offers is the “technology of the future”, which not only can be integrated to the medical world, but also the financial world.

Currently, Dax Cabrera has the vision to continue expanding and presenting Medsis platform in Central, South, North America and the rest of the world.