Arise is the first book in The Stories of the Seven Series.  Though the prologue is set, in my mind, somewhere in creation right at the time that Adam and Eve ate from the tree in the Garden of Eden (A story that we all know); the rest of the book takes place between Genesis 13 and Genesis 19.  At this point, the future of mankind looks bleak.  The world has fallen into darkness except for this one strange man that comes from the far east…a man named Abram.


The story begins with Seren, a Herald angel who was trained in the ranks of Gabriel, being sent to earth to proclaim the arrival of this strange man as he returns from Egypt with his family.  But it doesn’t take long for the existing hierarchy of demon principalities throughout the land of Canaan to discover God’s plan for Abram and that the key to redemption begins with this one man.


Before long, the angels are thrust into the midst of a demonic civil war and must band together to protect the very covenant that all of creation has been waiting for since the days of Adam and Eve.  Outnumbered and outmatched, if the angels are to hold onto any hope of victory; they must forget everything they thought they knew and follow a new leader that emerges in the most unsuspected way.


Book 1: Arise  |  Book 2: Serve