Years have passed since the events in Canaan.  The family that the Angels were sworn to protect has grown increasingly and multiplied.  Abraham’s grandson, Jacob, became the father of twelve sons…twelve sons who became twelve tribes…and twelve tribes who became one people.


Exiled from their land long ago they now make their home far to the south in the kingdom of Egypt.  Each day they lose their identity to the culture and corruption of their new home.


When a new Pharaoh takes control of the nation, a Pharaoh controlled by on old principality from a far away land, Seren and the others must do everything they can to prevent the total annihilation of God’s promise to Abraham as they wait for the one who will be born to deliver the children of Israel.  Isolated in bondage in a far away land, the fate of an entire people rest in the hands of the Seven.


“Serve” takes place a few hundred years after the events of “Arise”.  and directly follows the narrative of the book of Exodus.  Long after the days of Abraham, and long after the covenants that the Lord made with that first Patriarch of the hebrew people, the evil forces of the world tighten their grip on the Israelites in a final attempt to extinguish all hope of man’s promised redemption.  Seren and the others can do nothing but hold on to the faith that God will provide an answer; until finally, their prayers are answered as word of they receive word of a child that will be born.  A child that will shake the foundations of the greatest nation the earth has ever seen.


A child that must be protected at all costs.


Book 1: Arise  |  Book 2: Serve