Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to witness Abram take his 318 men into battle against four kingdoms from the east?  Or smell the burning wood and stone as the sky opened up and rained down fire onto Sodom?  What must it have been like for Moses’s sister to hide on the banks of the Nile as she watched the daughter of her greatest enemy reach down and hold her baby brother; or to walk between the walls of water as an army of chariots pursued you from behind?   How did it feel to stand on the outskirts of Jericho as the walls came crashing down?  To hear the noise of the crumbling stone or the astonishing screams of all those that hid behind the walls?


Now, what would it have been like to not only see all of that, but to be able to see the powers and principalities that stood against you in opposition.  What would it have been like to escort Abraham through that very battlefield as all the evil of the world encircled  him; to be the ones holding back the giant walls of water of the red sea; or to fight countless defending adversaries until every last stone was torn down in that once famously impenetrable city?


The Stories of the Seven is a series that attempts to picture just that.  To look at the lens of scripture by the very angels who were called upon to protect the promises that the Lord had made.  Angels that had seen the history of man, and knew what sacrifice needed to be made to preserve the future of all mankind.


These books follow a small band of angels brought together by the most unlikely of circumstances.  Once spread throughout all creation, this new-found group would lay witness to some of the greatest feats that mankind had ever seen; all while being called to stand up to some of the fiercest foes that mankind could ever even begin to imagine…sacrificing all without glory, honor, or recognition.


This series is meant to put the reader there…present at some of the greatest moments ever recorded in history.  To begin to get an idea what it was like to see the marvelous acts of the past, and to understand what goes on daily around us all without us even knowing.  The Stories of a Seven is new type fiction that will, hopefully, forever change the way we view Bible Stories and even every day life.


Book 1: Arise  |  Book 2: Serve