Ok, so going back to me being a complete geek for all kinds of toys and cool new items, I have something to post that anyone who shares my weird enthusiasm may enjoy.


A while back, I was sitting with a good friend of mine, Manny Puig.  Some of you may know Manny from his TV shows and movies with Outdoor Channel, Mtv, or Animal Planet.  But what most of you probably don’t know about Manny is how much of a skilled artist he is.


He has not only done some AMAZING work sculptures in bronze of sharks, Alligators, and, most recently, a Goliath Grouper that looks more real that actually seeing one in the ocean.  But Manny also has the same passion for ancient weaponry and historical “toys” that I do.  Aside from being so well read that he could tell you every type of weapon that every civilization had and why or how they made them, he’s actually made replicas of several different weapons by literally carving them by hand into different metals.


So when we started to talk about the books and the weapons that each of the characters had, Manny had a cool idea.


“Why not make a replica of the sword that Seren has in the books, and why not do it in bronze?”


When I thought about it, I thought it would be one of the coolest things I had ever seen…and I couldn’t wait to see what Manny could come up with.  So he began carving the template in wood and in foam.  Since bronze has to be poured into a mold, the first thing he needed to do was create a real life replica using wood, foam, and wax.  At the time I’m writing this blog, that’s what we have been doing.  Since I’ve never actually seen the process done, I’ll have to leave the rest for “part 2” of this blog; but I wanted to upload some pictures to show how the process has been thus far.


For all of you geeks (like me) out there, enjoy!  This is how the making of Seren’s sword begins!


photo 1

photo 2

photo 5